MHMBA contributes KNOWLEDGE to Government of Malaysia EPU’s and Monash University’s MyKE III

On 3 February 2016, MHMBA met with Monash University in a Roundtable focusing on MyKE III and the Machinery and Instrumentation sector.

The primary objectives of MyKE III (Malaysia Knowledge Economy) are to
1. Measure knowledge intensity and wealth creation among Malaysian firms in 21 industries.
2. Identify Leaders and Laggards – identify success factors and gaps in our innovation ecosystem.
3. Identify key strategies, policies and intervention programs to enhance knowledge content, innovation and wealth creation.

EPU selected 21 industries for this Study. The industries comprise of (1) Agriculture (2) Automotive (3) Business Services (4) Chemical, Petroleum and Pharmaceutical (5) Construction (6) Education Services (7) Electrical and Electronics (8) Fabricated Metals (9) Financial Services (10) Food Processing (11) Health Services (12) IT Services (13) Machinery and Instrumentation (14) Rubber and Plastics (15) Telco and Courier Services (16) Textile, Apparel and Footwear (17) Tourism Services (18) Transport Equipment (19) Transport Services (20) Wholesale and Retail Services and (21) Wood based Industries.

The Roundtable addressed the following points associated with the Machinery and Instrumentation sector
 Current state of the industry
 Challenges faced by the industry
 Success factors for the industry
 Quick wins or opportunities to stimulate positive change
 Immediate, short and long term strategies


Data Source: IMD(2014), World Competitiveness Online Database.

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