Government Initial Probe Into Anti-dumping On Imported Steel Wire Rods

The Government has decided to impose a provisional anti-dumping duties ranging from nil to 33.62% on imports from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey and shall be effective not more than 120 days from the date of the Government Gazette.

The Government had completed the preliminary investigation as provided under Section 23 of the Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Duties Act 1993.

The Government has found that there is sufficient evidence to continue with further investigation on the importations of SWR from the alleged countries.

H.S. Code 7213.10.000, 7213.20.000, 7213.91.000 & 7213.99.000

Provisional Anti-Dumping Duties as follows:


(i) Chinese Taipei

a. China Steel Corporation : 5.56%.

b. Feng Hsin Iron & Steel Co. Ltd : 10.14%

c. Other : 10.14%


(ii) Republic of Indonesia

a. PT Ispat Indo : Nil.

b. Other : 11.97%


(iii) Republic of Korea

a. Posco Co. Ltd : 26.47%

b. Other : 26.47%


(iv) People’s Republic of China

a. Jiangsu Shagang : Nil.

b. Jiangsu Yonggang : Nil.

c. Maanshan Iron &Steel : 7.89%.

d. Other : 7.89%


(v) Republic of Turkey

a. Other : 33.62%