MHMBA Objectives

(a)   To promote, provide and maintain high standard and quality of services in and among dealers of hardware, machinery and building materials;

(b)  To safeguard the rights and interest of the associations members;

(c)   To establish and maintain good relationship between members of the association and the general public by publishing and distributing subject to the prior approval of the competent authority, information on the above trades and products of the members;

(d)  To act as the official organ of communication and representation for the members in all or any of their representations, petitions, submissions, negotiations and dealings with the government departments, local and public authorities, trade associations, local and foreign suppliers, the media and any other organization and to afford facilities for conferring with the aforesaid authorities, bodies or organizations or conveying the views and suggestions of the members with regards to actual or proposed legislation, regulations, rules, policies or any other matters directly and indirectly affecting the rights and interest of the members in general;

(e)   To provide arbitration facilities among members if agreed and requisitioned in writing by the parties concerned;

(f)    To have direct or indirect affiliation, cooperation, connection or communication with, or become members of, other local or overseas registered organizations or associations possessing objects similar to those of the association;

(g)   To provide and develop training or educational facilities or programs for the members and to further promote their interest and commercial skills in the above referred trades;

(h)   To accept donations and gifts or to make donations or gifts for patriotic, educational, religious, charitable or other deserving purposes;

(i)    To organize events, functions, activities, or programs to raise finds for the association and/or to foster goodwill and understanding among the members;

(j)    To purchase, take on lease, rent, acquire and own property For use of the association in line with its objects; and

(k)   To collect donations from the society at large subject to the condition that prior approval be obtained from the registrar of societies and other relevant authorities.